About me

What is the fuel in your gas tank when you are running on empty?

This is something I talk about often. What keeps you going when everyone would understand if you just give up.

Third generation entrepreneur, I did not inherit a business but learned valuable life lessons from my father & grand father who worked 363 days a year for most of their lives. The Dawes name is known in the beer industry in some of the roughest areas of Philadelphia for the past 40 years. With this have come numerous challenges and sacrifices to provide for their families.

Having over a decade of experience, I know automotive retail.

How I Help Businesses

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    Ecommerce Operations

    Operating an ecommerce business of any size or launching one from scratch is like coordinating an elaborate dance. Various moving pieces all need to seemlessly work together in order for it to success. Everything from software, fulfillment, marketing and customer service need to be in sync. Having built something from scratch and bootstrapping I apply a ROI based approach to optimization or planning.

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    Software Development

    Having learned lessons over the years, it becomes easy to go down the wrong path of software implementation. Mix in complex automotive data and both time and money can be lost making the wrong decisions. Developing the proper plan and implementing it is crucial to success and scale.

  • Building


    Capturing orders is just one of many hurdles to succeed. Being able to optimize logistics at any company size is key. I have implemented FIFO based order fulfillment and logic which not only works for in house fulfillment but also is crucial when relying on any form of drop shipping supply chain of numerous warehouses which is common in the automotive supply chains.

  • Business Acquisition

    Business Acquisition

    Looking to sell your automotive business or have a strategic partner? I am actively looking for additional businesses. Contact me and let me know.




  1. Modded Euros - CEO

    2012 — Present

    Co-Founded ModdedEuros.com. Have built the business with no external funding to this day. In addition to overseeing the various departments of the business, I work on strategic long term planning with a focus on development, automation and business forecasting.

  2. Solidus.io - Stakeholder

    2019 — Present

    ModdedEuros.com was one of the very first ecommerce stores to be forked from Spree Commerce to Solidus circa 2015. The founders of the open source ecom platform, Solidus, was led by Stembolt, a web development team who we contracted to be our development partners. Later Juul acquired Stembolt for their in house development team.

    In 2019 we were asked to be part of the Stakeholders of Solidus to help provide insight and feedback in the application's development for ecommerce software.

  3. Rocket Dove Inc. - CEO

    2011 — 2015

    Upon leaving Turn 5 Inc. below, founded this marketing company as a means to generate cashflow to begin investing into Modded Euros.

    Once we generated enough cashflow in Modded Euros, we began closing out marketing client contracts ~ 2015 to move into the next phase of Modded Euros....self sustaining venture.

  4. Turn 5 Inc. (AmericanMuscle.com/AmericanTrucks.com) - Search Engine Optimization

    2010 — 2012

    Worked inhouse managing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the portfolio of companies under Turn 5 Inc.